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Read! 365 - Year Round Reading

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This interactive reading program is designed for patrons of all ages and promotes life-long enjoyment of reading but also encourages engagement with the people and world around us. 

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How it works:

Earn points and digital badges:
Read 20 minutes = 20 points

Earn Badges:
By reading, completing challenges, or writing book reviews.

Win Prizes:
Participants of the Great Adventures and Great Escapes programs can now earn prizes when they reach certain point levels. Keep reading beyond the 5,000-point mark and get even more stuff!

1,000 points = Scratch n’ Sniff Bookmark (in fun food scents)
2,500 points = Purple Avi Pencil
5,000 points = Culver’s Ice Cream Coupon
7,500 points = Chick-fil-A Dessert Coupon (cookie or ice cream)
10,000 points = Entry into a drawing for an iPad
15,000 points = Recognition in front of City Council

For those participating in the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, once you’ve reached 1,000 points receive a book bag and bookmark.

Participants of all programs also receive:
$5.00 off library fines/fees for every 500 points earned (up to 1,000 points)!

Complete the Program:
Earn 5,000 points throughout the school year to complete the program!

Read! 365 runs August 28th, 2017 - June 1st, 2018

Register here: Students are encouraged to check about registering with their school. 

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