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cloudLibrary is now available!!

To try out the library's new e-Book & e-Audiobook platform, follow this link:

Changes coming to e-Books and e-Audiobooks

On September 17th, 2019, the Avondale Public Library will launch a new e-Book and e-Audiobook collection platform called cloudLibrary. Our current system, OverDrive/Libby, through the Southwest Valley Library Consortium, will be turning off on October 13th, 2019. This is an exciting move for us as it allows us to leverage the resources of cloudLibrary’s cloudLink system. cloudLink will give you access to the digital collections of other cloudLink libraries in the state of Arizona. This will increase the available titles for you to check out from approximately 9,300 to about 45,000 titles with the potential to see additional titles added as more libraries join cloudLink.

Why is this change happening?

Libraries across the county are seeing large gains in digital (eBook and eAudiobook) checkouts. Over the last two years, Avondale Public Library’s digital checkouts have grown by seventy percent. As the demand for digital books has increased, we felt a responsibility to research the best digital platforms available that could provide a great product and experience for you. The result of our research led us to cloudLibrary.

We realize this change is not without an inconvenience to you. In order to make the switch a little less burdensome, we have included some information below that will help with the transition. Please note that Avondale Public Library will continue offering Hoopla digital products as well as cloudLibrary.

Important dates:

Launch of cloudLibrary:  September 17th
Last day of OverDrive/Libby:  October 13th

How long will OverDrive/Libby will be available?

OverDrive/Libby will be available from now until October 13, 2019. During this time, users will still be able to access content, however, while we are in the transition phase, we encourage you to explore cloudLibrary.

When is the last day I can borrow titles in OverDrive/Libby?

The last day will be October 13th. Titles checked out on or before October 13th will be accessible for the full checkout period even beyond October 13th. So, if a digital book is checked out on 10/13/19, it should be accessible until November 3rd.

When is the last day I can put a hold on a title in OverDrive/Libby?

We recommend the last date to place a hold of September 15th. Holds will not transfer over to cloudLibrary. We are purchasing copies of titles that have holds in OverDrive at this time. Again, we encourage you to try cloudLibrary during this transition time.

Can I use my same device with cloudLibrary? Compatible devices include:

 iOS App  Android App  PC/Mac App

iPod touch®




Android™ Phones
Android™ Devices Nook App
NOOK® Tablets




Windows®/Mac OS X
NOOK® eReader
Kobo™ eReader Kindle Fire App*
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HDX

*cloudLibrary cannot be used with basic Kindle eReaders, such as the Kindle Paperwhite.

What is the benefit of going with cloudLibrary?

In addition to having access to many more titles through cloudLibrary, users will be able to use the cloudLibrary app to display their library barcode. If you forget your library card at home, no worries. You can use your digital library card to checkout physical items at the checkout kiosks. cloudLibrary also integrates the library events calendar, your library account balance, and has other great features.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at: 623-333-2665.

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