Based on CDC recommendations, Avondale libraries are closed until further notice. Please check our closure page for more details.

Behavior Policy

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The Avondale Public Library (the “Library”) facilities, resources and services are available for the enjoyment of all. This policy has been adopted to (i) ensure the health and safety of all library staff and patrons, (ii) protect Library property and (iii) maintain order in the Library.

Disruption of library services will be addressed according to level of seriousness. At the discretion of Library staff, violations of this policy may result in one or any combination of the following: a verbal warning, letter or phone call to parent or guardian, expulsion from the Library or report to the police. If expelled from the Library, you may submit a request to the Library Manager for reinstatement. The Library Manager will automatically review cases involving expulsion periods lasting longer than a month. If the Library Manager denies your reinstatement request, you may file a reconsideration request with the Parks, Recreation and Library Board. The Parks, Recreation and Library Board has established reconsideration procedures to address expulsions. A request for reconsideration must be submitted on the Library’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Privileges Form. Patrons of the Library are prohibited from:

  • Obstructing the entrances, exits, restrooms and library facilities
  • Relocating library furniture or equipment without the permission of library staff
  • Using skateboards, bicycles, scooters and other wheeled toys or shoes inside the library or around entrance doors
  • Bringing animals (except service animals) into the library
  • Running
  • Littering
  • Using cellular phones or audio equipment audible to others
  • Inappropriate public displays of affection that would be annoying to a reasonable person using library services and facilities
  • Loud, disruptive or inappropriate behavior that would be annoying to a reasonable person using library services and facilities
  • Personal hygiene that is offensive so as to make other patrons nauseous
  • Inappropriate dress (shirt and shoes required)
  • Failure to follow instructions from staff
  • Using offensive, threatening, harassing or abusive language or gestures or being disruptive to patrons or staff 
  • Exhibitionism or flashing
  • Gambling, placing or making bets, exchanging money on library property
  • Tampering with or intentionally damaging computer hardware, software, printer, operation systems or other associated equipment
  • Using or selling drugs, alcohol or tobacco on library grounds
  • Bringing weapons on the premises; a gun locker is available for patrons to secure their weapons
  • Abusing or vandalizing library facilities, furnishings or equipment
  • Engaging in any illegal activities

NOTE: Repeat violations may result in expulsion.
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