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Friends of the Avondale Libraries

Who We Are: The Friends of the Avondale Libraries (FOAL) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of supporting the Avondale libraries in a way that expands and improves library resources and services to benefit the community.

How You Can Help: Libraries can be so much more than a good home for books -- they can be cultural centers, learning locations, sites for viewing and appreciating art, anchors for parks & green spaces, and so much more. PLUS, they have all those great books!

Perhaps you'd like to volunteer to help. Maybe you like the idea of "making a difference" Then there are those friendly folks who just like to get out and meet more friendly folks!

We look for volunteers who might want to assist us in organizing special events at the Library, such as Book Sales, cultural events, and even day-to-day library operations.

We also look for folks who'd like to help sponsor events, or enhance the capabilities of the Avondale Library system.

In short, all of you who would like to see the Avondale Library system grow and continue along its journey to being one of the premier library/cultural centers in the West Valley, please, join us!

For more information on the FOAL, please contact the Friends of the Library President Christopher Reams at 623-333-2400

Upcoming Friends Events: